Monday, November 29, 2010

Coast Happenings

We had a lovely time at the coast...Got down there wednesday afternoon late and returned home sunday.  Thanksgiving was to follow mom around so we can have her turkey and dressing :)  it was delicious.  She has a new stove and it worked great!  Ashley learned how to make chocolate pie since Uncle Monte wasn't there to cook it for us!  Sean made chocolate chip cookies as that was his choice of dessert...they were wonderful too.  Still with the crud, but went for short walks in hopes that it would help me get over whatever this awful stuff it is going on 9 days...ugh.  Saw Tammy and Haley for a bit, their condo paint job looks great, its such a darling place...I didn't get many photos taken but Tammy shared a few and mom took some so hopefully I'll get ahold of those too...   Did not knit...felt to cruddy...can't believe it...
Saturday we went to a few garage sales and I got a beautiful quilt...for a excited... We also went to the craft fair and had a great time there...bought a few Christmas gifts, woohoo!  
snacks wednesday night...

thanksgiving meal

making chocolate pie

the pie...

tammy sent this...

and this...

my quilt!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coast Bound

Yeah. We have finally gotten on the road! Can't wait to get to Port Aransas! Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
P.s. Peaches is going too.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Leaves and more leaves

I dug out a wip to finish for a Christmas gift. Was disappointed to see that I had only knit 4 out of 36 leaves. So I've been knitting leaves and am now sewing them together so they are beautiful 2 sided leaves. Ugh. Pattern is sunflower by Susan Pandorf. Will be pretty when finished but I won't be knitting anything with leaves for awhile. Yarn is my handspun.
Went back to work today. Uncomfortable sitting etc. And the allergy crud that has hit me doesn't help. But I survived!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Forgot photo

Silly me

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Kid n ewe purchases

Finally photos of my kid n ewe purchases. Had a lovely time in Boerne with mom and Ashley. Enjoyed the booths and the weather and had some amazing pizza for lunch with Rebecca. My purchases are from Butterfly Girl and Alisha Goes Around. The orange batt us for Ashley, we made it at the Butterfly Girl booth. The yarn will go with. Need to come up with a clever scarf idea for Ashley.