Friday, February 25, 2011

Easter Chill?

I guess I'll have to hope for just a bit of a Chill on Easter morning...warming up nicely of course after...  Finished my Unwinding Hours shawl and it screams SPRING!  I love soft and squishy and now blocked and ready to go. 
Pattern found here  and the Spin a Shawl group that I joined is here .  I loved the pattern and the yarn turned out beautiful... It is an Easyknits fiber, not sure of the fiber content but it is very soft and fluffy...

and I had to add a better picture of the Bunny Nuggets...

my little rabbits are made with a small amount of handspun that I had laying around...wish I knew who dyed it because it is lovely.  The pattern is by Danger Crafts and can be found here
Now off to have another cup of coffee...then work!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eeep! I love my bunny nuggets!

Oh these are so cute!!! Knit up in bits of hand spun, these Bunny Nuggets (pattern by Danger Crafts) were so much fun to knit!!! They must multiply!!!


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I see nothing!...

I will not look at the mess in the living room from cleaning out stuff..I will not look...I am too exhausted to clean today and go to work until 9:00...I am not looking...
cute photo from

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

worn out again...

well, the laundry room is done...well, Michael needs to do his vacuuming behind dryer and washer etc...but i've got it cleaned out.  Whew...
We couldn't walk in it except to

I also finally blocked my pagoda shawl are some photos of it...stash sock yarn... loved this pattern, would like to do it again.

Now, oh please let me sleep good tonight so I can clean out something else after work tomorrow...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

ouch, my back hurts

worked 6 hours today on totally cleaning out Sean's room...everything came out and tossed, saved, bagged...went to town and got him a computer desk...moved in a different tv...a hand me down...and well, he is happy and I actually want to hang out in there...especially since it is the only clean room in the house...
The living room is full of bagged items, extra furniture, etc.  I don't have the back or the energy to do any more today.  I also cleaned out the linen closet and straightened up the kitchen.  It feels good to have one room done.  It needs a paint job, a dust ruffle and something on the walls but it is cleaned out!!!

Now, hopefully Michael will help with the other rooms, he is awesome at cleaning out!  Here are some photos of Sean's room...wish I had some before pictures but they would have scared everyone...
Mom also saw the honeymooners at Port A today...woo hoo and sent this photo!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

instant stress reliever...

you know those mornings of fussing at kids...I can't find my shoes...hurry up let's go...I dropped the last kid off at school this morning stressed to the max and this came on the car stereo...ahhhhh

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Loving this knit. The Unwinding Hours Shawl. Knitting in a handspun that I have to find the info on. Soft and furry. Nice pattern. Thus a kal for the spin-a-shawl group at Ravelry.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Pretty Valentines...

Michael brought Ashley and I pretty.

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here comes that feeling again...

ugh..I hate it when when stomach and chest starts feeling its closing in and a sense of foreboding overcomes...  Anxiety is raising its ugly head again and I HATE IT!  Should I say yes to something that could be fun but will take my saturday when I need a saturday at home so badly?  I need some time...I walk around this house and outside and everything is a mess...yes its been that way but feeling better makes you notice it more, and that starts a spiral in the wrong way of ugh feelings.  Its great to feel better physically, I praise God for it.  Just need some time...too get things in this is out of the way and I can not  have the mess pulling me down.  Gosh I'm depressing...
maybe I need to catch up with my friends instead of this dreaded house :) or read something inspiring or funny...Happy valentine's Day all...

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I've been holding on to this handspun for so long...if its the fiber I think it is I've had it since 2009, all spun up, soft and squishy not knowing what to knit out of it...About 280 yds...light worsted weight.  I was looking through Ravelry the other day and found this Drops Pattern
or the direct drops link...  I knit it on 9's and did a simple single crochet edging on the inside edge...LOVE it!  It is so soft and squishy...I think this is a Spunky Eclectic Fiber from Club...but I don't have the info on it and am wishing that I knew which one it is!
Had a lovely morning with Renee and the sil's...missed Michelle...found shoes, jewelry, bag, etc for Renee's happy for them and can't wait till next weekend!   I finished the shawl on the way home....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Long day

Flitting from one thing to another, I'm pooped. I did get my hair cut today. And my nails done, along with alot of other errands and then work this evening. Started in a new scarf shawl thingy in some handspun. Mindless knitting that is fun because of the yarn. Pictures tomorrow. Lights are out and I'm ready for bed. The yarn I'm knitting with below...

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's a cold one out there. It's pretty comfy here in the liquor store, thank goodness! Had a lovely time at the rodeo with Pauline, her mom, and Cindy. Reba was awesome. I love last minute invitations. They are the best! Finished My fish dishcloth it's so cute I think it wants to live at the lake.

Still working on the placemat kal. It will be awhile before it is finished. Stay warm everyone!

Monday, February 7, 2011

So tired.

Pooped out today. Everything is catching up with me I think. 6th grade math may kill me its not done the same as we used to do it. Oh boy. No knitting done today Just work at work and work at home. Good night!!!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a great night

Fun fun at the rodeo tonight. The fancy suite was cool. The rodeo was great and Lady Antebellum was AWESOME! Love their new song!

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We are in one of those fancy suites. And I am not dressed nice enough.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

It's not alot...

...but it snowed!!! Wish it was still falling for the kids this morning.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brrrr and other ramblings...

Well, I think it's electricity this a.m. when I woke no shower and hairdryer.  Had to get kids to school and then set up for Grandparent's mass reception this morning...looking lovely and not fully awake without shower and coffee.  Ray saved the day and made coffee after the electricity came back on...All was well and we  had a lovely reception for our terrific grandparents. This is my last year to take part in this...I enjoyed it and was sad that this is my last year.  Everyone is always so nice.  Went to get tacos with some of the development council and Ray...yum...then went off to get a haircut... I thought...but they were closed due to the weather.  Delivered liquor to The Red Room Bar, and went home... Cold!  Here is a video of the 5th graders singing this morning...
I was just looking around Ravelry, in between spins on my wheel and found this group... spintoshawl  It is spinning for a shawl and then knitting be checking them out often.     I'm spinning somem beautiful fiber from Spunky Eclectic...January's club fiber...its wonderful...I'm excited about getting to spin some tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ok they are warm and comfy with merino wool lining. But could you make any uglier shoes? I don't get the love unless it's super cold outside. Guess I'm to old and outdated to appreciate

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Home and in my sheepy pjs with my sheepy mug full of decaf with just a touch of Irish cream. Mmmmmmm

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Working on the February 1st dishcloth for the Monthly Dishcloth yahoo group. Pretty blur color, this is through Day 2. Can't wait ti see what it is!

-Next photo is a placemat kal for Rachels dishcloth group. This through day 6.

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