Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shades of...What?

Today on the news ...who will be playing the main dude in "Shades of Grey" . On TV...on the kid asks..."Why are they making a movie about that?  Isn't it bad?"  That's a good question....Isn't it?  Even if you read the books and loved them.  I started the first one and didn't finish it as I was offended.  I am by no means perfect...I have so many faults and regrets that I have a vault full of them.  I have things I wish I could change about my past and my NOW.  I remember getting a hold of a book that was considered "risque" when I was a 5th grader, was nothing compared to what a kid would learn if they got a hold of a copy of Shades. And I'm sure many have.  Is this what we want our daughters and nieces to believe to be a true relationship between a man and a woman?  Is this what we want our sons and nephews to think is a man's role in love and relationship?  Granted, I didn't finish reading the book or the series, it may ;have had a lesson in it or a good story...but do we have to be so graphic in life to be entertained?  Myley Cyrus got slammed for swinging on a wrecking ball in the nude (I helped slam)...but its ok for kids moms to go on about books like Shades of Grey?  Again, I'm not no means...I just am not understanding why this is ok.  Back in the day, you could see women reading "Romance" novels...and you wondered about them...they aren't real life either...but they were a fairly innocent excape into a fantasy world, and they didn't shout from the roof tops that they read them...I guess I just don't get it...and I will be honest and tell my kids my feelings on it.  And try to teach them what a relationship between a man and a woman should be.  I was impressed that my kid got that it was bad...thank you LORD!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Roller coaster

What a day... What a week. Never truer could this cute prayer I ran across be.

Yes it's silly. But there are days that this is so true. I'm lucky that I truly believe that The Lord is the One that is truly the answer to that statement... But sometimes coffee and wine get us to the point where we can see again. ☺️ Yes I am bad, but try not to abuse it. And Jesus did turn water into the finest wine now didn't he. Wow, now that opens up thoughts and can send me in a totally different direction. He can take those not so good moments in a day. ( ok make it full days. Oh. Crud... A week) and show us blessings when we truly need them. Like the gift of flowers and a big smile from someone that I would like to get to know better, thanks Bette...the prayers helped too.

The fact that last night was such a fun night with my amazing kids. I see on Facebook parents who
Are proud of what their kids do so well and that is just wonderful. Truly. But I am so proud of my kids hearts. I'm proud of their bravery...and their caring and empathy for others. You can be the smartest and the most athletic but if you've never had to feel pain, or understand what it's like to be heartbroken, different, whatever your difference may be in life then .. Well it's just sad. Empathy can break your heart.. I know. You can be absolutely aggravated with someone but somehow find a way to love anyway...bless in spite of.. And hope for growth and the Lords will. Feeling that strongly can shut you down and make life difficult. But I can't imagine not "feeling" as strongly as I feel about people, things and ideas. I worry about those closest to me and what they think. Yes. I may seem crazy to them. But I care and love fiercely and will forgive and understand any fault. I am in no way perfect. And yes, my poor guardian angel has had to work overtime ... But God has shown me great love and forgiveness and for some reason he has saved me from myself. I pray He does that for my amazing kids and I still can't believe that they were sent to me for a time. He must love me a lot.
My mom just jumped on a plane early this morning to visit Judith in Red River. There were a few years after the kids got a little older and before the job, that I was able to tag along. It was the best of times. Trips I will never forget spent with women that I am so blessed to have in my life. Judith, I love you and hate that I'm not there with you and mom. Pretend I'm there on the sofa helping with knitting. I love you both so much. You have made a huge impact on my life and I hate that you are so far away. Hopefully we can get there this summer. Hugs. Have a great time. Remember past times and make new memories and know that I love you both.
Enough of the pity party...and the blessings party as this post has gotten way too long. But it has been cleansing...healing...and a few tears never hurt a thing. God bless whoever reads this. Rest in His arms and feel His love. And try a taste of the best wine that He created for us to share.
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