Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day

I'm sitting here at Port A thinking about the fact that tomorrow is Fathers Day. There are pictures going up on Facebook of my friends fathers. Some passed and missed, others still around being the great dads that they are. I have been extremely lucky in my life. At first it didn't seem so when my wonderful daddy was taken away so young...

He continues to be a blessing in my life and am so blessed to have him as my father.
The good Lord has sent other men into my life since then that I have been so thankful for. Early on after dad died a new family moved into the neighborhood. Ill never forget the first time I saw him. He showed up at our door in full beard and sun tanned skin after returning from a hunt. Woody Glasscock and his family became such an important part of our family. He is loved and missed.

Later mom met her second husband Donald through my grandmother and Papa Joe. Papa joe was Donald's dad and mom and him got together and married. Even at an older age having a new dad was such a blessing. Donald has been an amazing dad and grandpa to us. I thank The Lord everyday that he was placed in our lives.

When I finally met the man of my dreams and father to my own kids, he brought another amazing father into my life. Gerry was such a great man and I truly can't believe how lucky I am to have been considered one of his daughters. We miss him so much.

And are an amazing husband and father. I still can't imagine what I ever did to have you come into my life. The good Lord has truly looked out for me and I am truly blessed.

The blessings just keep on coming as a few years ago Renee married a great guy that has just slipped into the role of dad so smoothly...and brought along a wonderful family. Rodney, we are so blessed to have you in our lives and we've already made some great memories.

I can't forget to mention Mitch and Papa Joe...and my grandpa Griggs, oh the memories...thank you grandma for picking so well.

Happy Fathers Day to all dads out there, those that are with God and those that are still with us. Thank you for being such good role models, playmates, and inspirations. We learn from everyone that God places in our lives and He has placed them well in mine.
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