Thursday, March 31, 2011

long blog...

well, it's been awhile since I showed my face around here...Had a lapse in SLEEP, and it knocked me on my bottom...I don't do so well without sleep and it was a long stretch..I can feel it getting better, as a matter fact, I am waiting to go to zumba this morning with miss hopefully I will survive :)..
Yesterday morning I played with some of Haley's photos, and a few of mine.  I have an old window to put on the mantle that I had wanted some photos I played with some aging, etc of them on photoshop. Very cool...have  to share one of Haley's cropped in the size I needed and with a texture added...the photo on it's own is amazing, this printed out looks like a painting...totally cool.

off to Zumba...pray for me...hahaha

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm working on...

Knitting a wonderful shawl pattern called "Chianti" right now. Kind of make ya thirsty doesn't it

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Yarny goodness, oh my...

I have been piling up some I wanted to share a few photos...I'm feeling awesome these days...on day 10 of my 24 day challenge...can't wait till tomorrow, when all of the fiber part will be over :)  not yarny fiber...yucky fiber :)  Woke up too early this morning with the song "Footloose" going off in ny head...where did that come I got up and put on my tennies and went for a walk.  it was beautiful out this breeze...very nice.  Yesterday was a great day.  Went to church and it was the mass for the youth ACTS retreat...I love seeing young people praise the Lord...and I think the couples that run the retreat are awesome...such a wonderful cause to give your time to, our young people...  Then had lunch with Renee and Rodney...awesome meal and company...  Home for a bit, then off to the farm with a side detour of buying Poteet strawberries from in front of the bakery...yum.  Helped Melissa set up for FamilyRosary night...our first time, really enjoyed it... Blessings today to you all...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

On our way...

To the coast... Can't wait to see some new territory. Peaches is ready for his walks with me. He is perched between Michael and I in the truck right now. Listening to good oldies on the radio...Ahhh.
Oh and I'm knitting on a sock. Perfect day. Saw some beautiful bluebonnets in grandmas yard earlier and took a photo. Yeah, bluebonnets!

The diet is going well. It's day 2 on the 24 day challenge. I feel good and had my healthy lunch with lots of raw veggies so I can have a glass of wine this evening. Got to plan for the important stuff you know.
I've already lost some weight and gained some energy. Woo hoo. I do have quite a ways to go though. Will check back in later.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 1

of challenge...interesting...woke up to Sparks and Catalyst.  30 minutes later Fiber Drink...interesting but better than some that I've tried.  Then meal replacement shake with blackberries added...the blackberries were frozen but shake could be a bit cooler...will use cold water tomorrow.  :)  What's nice is I am down a pound from yesterday...The Sparks gave me extra energy when I drank some in the afternoon so I went for another walk...and with my rabbit food for lunch I managed to not have many calories yesterday and felt fine.  Now I know about metabolism, and not eating enough so you don't have to worry about me...but I'm excited about the extra walk...and am going to Zumba this morning. 
yeah!  Then maybe a trip to SA to get some workout clothes...I am seriously lacking...  of course they won't be like the ones in the photo...aaaacccckkkk!  Think I'm way past that...  Later this afternoon we have the Wild Game Dinner and am looking forward to that...hopefully there will be at least one healthy thing to eat there...please!  We will be serving the homemade wine and selling for donations for St. Louis Society...should be a fun night!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday

Hope everyone has a great day today , I myself plan on doing my best. it's a beautiful day and that is an awesome start!! The weather is making me want to plant flowers. I'm sure nurseries are happily selling flowers to everyone with the planting bug.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Putting it out there...Turning 50

I have a big birthday coming up on April l0th...yes I will be 50.  Since I had said that this would be the year for a healthier and a happier me...I am setting a goal for myself.  I want to weigh 150 at 50 (less would make me happier but I know how difficult it has been for me to even lose 5 lbs)  I talked to Kelly Wurzbach today and she is looking so awesome, so she is setting me up on the 24 Day challenge through Advocare .  I went to Zumba today even with my back hurting and have walked for 30 minutes each other day this week.  It's serious time and I need everybody's help...that is why I had to put this out there... So say a few prayers and keep your fingers crossed that I can do this!
hmmm, maybe a shopping spree will be in order too!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feeling good...ready for some girlfriend time

yeah...get to visit with some girlfriends excited!  Felt great all day to taste a bit of wine this morning, that slowed me down a bit but I'm awake again now :)   Ordered a few of them for the wine tasting Friday night...yep it's time for Fiorella friday again!  I actually feel good enough to try to exercise again..woohoo...hope this feeling stays around.  And tomorrow I start a vitamin regimin that is supposed to help a little bit on the  hopefully this time it will happen.  Loving the Sparks :) still

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting serious !

Stating this outloud so I have to be serious. I will lose some weight. I will. I'm feeling so much better after my surgery. Started taking Sparks for energy and it is awesome. Cleaning out junk in the house. And now going to be careful about what goes into
my body. Hope it cooperates !!

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