Thursday, February 26, 2009

heeee, got this from Robyn at Coffee and Cotton...too cute! type in "Unfortunately, Your Name" and google it... use the quotes... Here are some of mine

Unfortunately, Brenda, arriving for their date, walked in on him, and thought he was a pervert.

Unfortunately Brenda is not as popular as Cindy or Naomi.

Unfortunately, Brenda missed out on earning a medal in Women's 10m Air Pistol, when she wound up in 37th place.

Unfortunately, Brenda is tremendously fearful of other animals, and the other cats in the home picked on her endlessly.

Unfortunately, Brenda's boot really don't work well for touring and soon her feet were killing her.

Unfortunately, "Brenda" was determined to do everything by the company book and had no sense of humor.

Unfortunately, Brenda doesn’t see Mike as her dream guy

Unfortunately, Brenda had a very dysfunctional explanation for her voices.

Unfortunately, Brenda, you and I both know that many administrators in this county have no common sense

ok, this was just too funny...

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