Monday, May 24, 2010

Wow, what a weekend. We left for Waco on friday, and we to the Friday night baseball game. Awesome game, oh my gosh totally exciting. We won and there were lots of happy faces to be seen after the game. Went by Williams apt. After the back to the hotel for bed. Saturday morning went and had an awesome breakfast then I went back for a nap while Michael went and helped to move Alicia. Went to the bookstore and bought a few shirts and tried to get a look at the bears but they were hiding in the shade. Time for the game. The presentation of Williams diploma and introduction of seniors was cool. Josh came to surprise William. It couldn't have been better I thought and then Willie got to pitch and did an awesome job! The guys played great and won this game too. An awesome time. Went to willies fir BBQ after and it was yummy! oh I got to meet Kristen, Williams girlfriend. Really cute and down to earth. Anywho it was an emotional weekend. Will miss seeing my Baylor boys play ball in that wonderful stadium. But who knows what the future may hold...



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Knitrageous said...

Great pictures! Sound like you had a blast. Glad for that!