Sunday, April 10, 2011

a big day,.., it's been a day...a good day, a thought provoking day...  I am truly so many ways.  The Lord has looked after me for 50 He didn't give up on me I don't know.  He  has been persistent, never giving up and I love HIM for that.  Today I have many prayers for miracles...for healing...for the people I love now and for the people that have touched me in the past.  I went to a funeral yesterday of a beautiful lady, Betty Hay.  She taught me science in 6th grade.  Her daughter was my first friend when I moved to Hondo and continued to be my best friend through college...We havn't spent much time together in years and I miss her terribly.  I also really missed so many of the beautiful people I went to school with all those many years many are going through tough times with parents  and breaks my heart.  Mary Jo, you and your family are in my prayers...healing to your brother John.  Kim, I love you and will miss your mom terribly...take care of your sweet daddy.  I  hate that I didn't get to see my sweet extra mom before she passed, I will forever be sorry for that..  My sweet cousin aka sister Tammy, on her birthday (yesterday) her home Ft. Davis got hit by a massive fire.  They lost a guest home and many of their friends and loved ones lost everything.  I know that she will be a blessing for many of them...but my heart is aching for the whole town right now.  There are so many good people that live there..and I pray that they find relief soon.  I'm sure they will appreciate any help that any of us can give them.
     I enjoyed lunch with my godmother, Aunt Mary...and my awesome 93 yr old grandma  I am so totally blessed t o have such beautiful strong women in my life. 

     Mom fixed a beautiful birthday dinner with all of my favorites.  I praise the Lord everyday for birthing me to her.  I could never ever have picked a better mom and best friend.  My brother was there...I love those lucky to have them in my life.  I just hope that the good Lord continues to find me worthy of such an awesome group of family and's been a joy reading the birthday  wishes from everyone on facebook...I love you all...thanks for  a wonderful day...

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