Thursday, June 21, 2012

There are times...

There are times, when reality hits...there are bumps in the slip and fall...and the world seems to be against you.  Then, people you love and respect find themselves in positions that they never thought they would be in...and you wish and you pray that there is something you can do to ease their pain.  So where do we go, what do we do?  Those tough times, unimaginable times that we find ourselves or loved ones in...what can we do?  Really?  How can we help?  We can lift them up in prayer, we can beg and plead with God for an ease to their suffering, as we suffer with them.  There is so much pain in the world, yet we are given glimpses of joy.  Oh that we could hold on to those glimpses of joy and never forget them or let them go.  How easy it is to be thrown in that pit...and digging out of it can be a impossible task.  Dare we say the devil is at his work, putting us in that we can't feel the touch and warmth of our Father...  So we can't share the love He offers, the forgiveness He gives?  I can only hope and pray that my dear friends and loved ones that are going through tough times, all of them, know that I cry for them, I pray for them, I rejoice for them.  I long to put my arms around them and say I love you and things will get better, or How great is our God to have pulled you through?  May He always pull us through, may we always trust in Him to pull us through.  May we rejoice in His strength and His everlasting Love...and at the end of the day, lay down knowing that He holds us in the palm of His hand.
Hey you out there...I love you, I'm praying for you and I am sending you the biggest hug and blessing that I can muster..
Love ya,

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