Wednesday, August 15, 2012


ah... Lord, you are awesome. In so many ways YOU have touched my life this summer. Yeah, the tough times have been there, in max...but You have come through in max. Things have been hard, all of my pieces are not in their places...yet you have shown me Joy and Your Glory anyway. Teaming on the ACTS retreat was a blessing, in so many ways I can't even explain. Let me just say that serving with the group of beautiful women that You gathered together was a blessing beyond comparison. The women you sent to us were amazing. I praise you for all you have blessed me with. Sometimes its hard to see through the tough times, the disappointments...yet YOU seem to shine light in places that need the light...need the mercy. I am so thankful right now, and still so needful. Kind of hard to relate what my feelings are. I wish the world could just get along, and love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. We all fall, He picks us up and we do our best to go on. Praise God. I wish for so many things, healing with relationships in my life, good things for those I love, and I love you all...the best school year for my kids and all the other kids...they are our future, God please be a part of their lives... Bless the parents that have given up so many things to make things better for their children. Bless those that are hurt, from so many ways that can hurt...let them feel YOUR loving arms around them and give them YOUR peace. Heal those that are struggling with health issues...I have so many dear to me that are suffering in this way. Bring them closer to YOU, give them YOUR strength. And LORD, thank you for holding me close to YOU, know matter how I go astray...YOU have always held me in YOUR hand, and have never let me fall so far as to lose me. Thank you, I praise you, I glorify you... Amen

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