Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Awesome Talent...Kathryn Legendre!

Wanted to share these beautiful songs! This young lady belongs to a "sister" of mine...daugher of Donna Tschirhart Vebrano, grand daughter of Rodney impressed with her music and voice! Awesome on the look out for her!

Also, an update on my Wendy blanket...yes I changed more!  Will carry on from here I promise!
Of course I had to order more yarn, and it's taking me longer to do each round...but am loving playing with all of the colors!  HERE is a link to the pattern.  I'm using Stylecraft Classic DK...loving it!

I had such good intentions ofo going to Alsatian Club for its first night...but I've talked myself into sweats, a glass of wine, and a computer instead...I promise I will stumble to the treadmill later.

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