Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thinking blessed

Tonight I'm thinking back on so many years ago.  My dad left us ( due to brain cancer on the 15th of March) 40 plus years ago..  My sweet brothers birthday is tomorrow.  yes St. Patty's Day...he'll be 49,  most people don't count each birthday as a wonderful milestone.   Unless you have a devastating loss of someone you love at such an early age.  I remember being so afraid.  That I'd loose my mom, that i wouldn't make it past 34...  It's funny what molds your life.  I have been very blessed.  yes there have been very tough times...Losing a parent at 10 years is tough... But...daddy died at 34...on March 15th...buried on March 17th...on my brother's birtday.  Yes that sucks.  Life can suck.  But through faith, love,  and perserverance....that same life can be good.  You see the people that have supported you through the understand the unique way you have been raised...(by the amazingingly strong super woman strength)   Monte and I were blessed with the most amazing parents. I can't event begin to explain that.  I don't have the words.  I just know that it has been terribly difficult to live up to in my life time.  But I also know that the good Lord doesn't expect me to be compared...just to carry on the amazing lives that have carried me forward.  We (my family) has been carried by the good Lord and people that have meant so much to us...people that daddy touched in his life, people mom touched in hers. and people that I've had the great priviledge to cross paths with in my life.  I am daily blown away by the beauty and compassion that I come across daily.  I have total positive feelings toward the people in our world today. Daily I cross paths with amazing, compassionate, caring people.  yes...there are the negative aspects out there...but I know they are hurting in ways that they can't get past right now.  I've been there, felt the pain...over and over again.  I just pray that those people who need to feel the love and compassion of their savior allow HIM to come into their lives, totally wrap them in HIS arms...feel HIS comfort...HIS compassion...HIS love...  Bask in it, believe in healed by it.  Totally pass it on to those you love and to those that you feel a blockage to...we are here on this earth to show love, compassion, blessings to others.  We are all here because HE chose us to be here...Yes at the same time, together, with HIM...bringing others to HIM...sharing HIM with others we love, we know, we don't know, we see at the store.  Do  it, it's your job, it's your's the reason you are put on this earth.
Love you all...especially those that are closest to know who you are.


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RoamingKnitter said...

Thee most wonderful gifts parents can give their children is how to show love and know the Lord loves them.

Many hugs for you and for your mom for the wonderful woman you are.

Knitrageous said...

You are amazing. Miss you lots!