Saturday, May 7, 2011

a Saturday morning

Laying in bed...not wanting to get up. So I popped my earbuds in to listen to a favorite podcast. you can get it through iTunes or visit the site. She has been podcasting for quite a long time and when I take the time to listen she is always an inspiration to me. I havnt listened in awhile, moods change, I listen to alot of audio books. But lately have been searching for inspiration from different sources. The Daily Audio Bible is always a favorite. I've recently found It is podcasts of daily readings of the catholic church even morning and evening prayers.
Creative mom podcast "windows" number 162 was great. She is feeling scattered trying to get the podcast out but manages actually to put out one of her best. Sometimes showing the scattered, undecided, mom side is good as we can inspire and speak to others just with our own struggles. Thanks for that podcast. Still upbeat and filled with things that make you smile. You are drawn into her world and find yourself wishing you could have a cup of coffee with her or sketch a day out the way she does. I highly recommend a listen. Now for that cup of coffee. Don't see anyone wanting to fix it for me so off to find it myself.

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