Saturday, June 18, 2011

Girls time out...

Ok there are girl's night out, ladies weekends, and whatever you want to call it. I like the idea of "time out". Us mom's can relate to time outs. Usually it's a punishment for the kids so they can sit and think of what they've done...and try to figure out if it was worth sitting in the corner for. Ha. That would be my definition of course. The type of "time out" I'm talking about is a chance to take some time out of the daily crazies and enjoy time with friends, family, or whatever playmates you choose. You have to find a "corner", which is defined as any place out of reach of whatever makes your life crazy or busy.
I was just blessed with a "Time Out" with my beautiful mother-in-law, Renee. And equally beautiful sister-in-laws...Nadine, Michelle, Jennifer, and Melissa. Throw in a darling, soon to be a mom, niece Alison and you have a perfect "time out". We celebrated Renee and michele's birthdays, ate, shopped, and had a wonderful time.
We stayed at a great out of the way B&B called "the barn at the Quarry" outside of Fredericksburg
/Find here
It was perfect, the rooms were great, breakfast great, scenery great, and peace and quiet great.
We ate some great food. Hilltop cafe, Peachtree , and a nice visit to Lincoln St. Wine bar (one of my fav places in the whole world). I've tried to rate the restaurants on yelp. Yelp is an awesome app and website. Go visit here

View from back patio

Oh, I had my "time out" did some serious thinking and deemed it a just punishment. Will for sure do it again!

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