Sunday, March 13, 2011

On our way...

To the coast... Can't wait to see some new territory. Peaches is ready for his walks with me. He is perched between Michael and I in the truck right now. Listening to good oldies on the radio...Ahhh.
Oh and I'm knitting on a sock. Perfect day. Saw some beautiful bluebonnets in grandmas yard earlier and took a photo. Yeah, bluebonnets!

The diet is going well. It's day 2 on the 24 day challenge. I feel good and had my healthy lunch with lots of raw veggies so I can have a glass of wine this evening. Got to plan for the important stuff you know.
I've already lost some weight and gained some energy. Woo hoo. I do have quite a ways to go though. Will check back in later.

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